With valuable stock in store, jewelry outlets require an efficient, easy-to-use asset tracking system that helps them deal with the daily challenges of in-store security. With Tracking Vision’s Jewelry Management System (JMS), jewelry stores can take the smart and cost-effective route to monitoring their stock, without having to worry about items going missing.

Security is particularly important as stock is set out on a daily basis in cabinets and placed back in the safe at night.  By choosing Tracking Vision’s JMS as part of the way they do business, jewelry stores ensure that their stock remains protected, and their staff spend less time inventory taking. Businesses also gain unique possibilities in multi-scanning and instant updates on stock that are easier to access and analyze.

Why chose Jewelry Management

The major benefit of choosing our Jewelry Management System is for the security measures it gives you. Each item can be linked to the system at no extra effort, with a system of alerts sent out when unauthorized access or movement occurs.

Integrating RFID tags into the system also ensures that jewelry vendors no longer have to manually complete their stock taking processes. Additionally, it reduces the amount of time spent in monitoring items and stock levels, giving employees more time to attend to customer needs.

Members of staff also receive tags synced with their employee details, with the data coming in from their movements linked to the actions they take whilst at work. This takes place simply by scanning in their tags via the RFID reader, and removing the shelves they need. As the shelves are also RFID tagged, their signals provide the data on which staff member has moved them, and when they were removed or put back.

How it works

A passive RFID tag, featuring each item’s unique digital fingerprint, is generated and attached to each piece of jewelry.  In turn, an RFID reader is installed on each shelf, as well as at the shop’s front door and in front of the safe.

This ensures that every time a tray is removed from its shelf, an update is sent through to the central database with data on:

  • Which tray was removed;
  • Which shelf the tray was removed from;
  • And which member of staff removed it.

Each member of staff also receives an attachable RFID badge synced with their employee details, and which is used to monitor their movements within the shop. The staff badges act as a security system, as it gives them full, authorized access to the store’s assets without setting off alarms.

How our system helps you

Aside from the obvious security benefits, businesses will also no longer have to manually complete their stock taking processes, which can take a long time. Instead, using Tracking Vision’s JMS ensures that businesses reduce stock taking from potentially days, to just a few hours.

Along with this, there will be little to no risks of human errors in the data entry process, meaning that jewelry outlets have immediate access to the most accurate information.

By integrating smart jewelry management solutions into the business’ daily workings ensures:

  • Real-time tracking of all items : Valuable watches and jewelry are monitored via the RFID tag and track system, allowing constant tracking of asset and staff movements. If there is any unauthorized access, alarms will be set off and an alert sent to the central data platform.
  • Improved inventory taking : Occurring at the end of each retail day, staff can take a comparison of the remaining number of items against the actual sales during the day. The alerts can quickly be made if numbers do not match up.
  • Improved security : Employees simply point the handheld RFID reader device towards the trays of jewelry for the tags to be read. No items need to be removed from their trays or even their cases, ensuring there is no loss, misplacement or potential theft.

For further details on Tracking Vision’s Jewelry Management System, visit our site .


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