Tracking Vision was established in 2015 to provide indoor and outdoor RFID tracking solutions and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) systems that are custom-built to the needs of each client. Despite its youth, Tracking Vision has quickly become a leading supplier of versatile, RFID-tag, BLE and barcode technologies that help businesses streamline their workflows and keep track, in real-time, of their assets and people.

Understanding that each business faces unique challenges and demand a unique set of requirements, Tracking Vision’s focus remains firmly on providing the entire spectrum of RFID tracking solutions. Whether it’s low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) or ultra high frequency (UHF) tracking solutions, businesses achieve the peace of mind that they will find the best hardware and software solutions to fit their budget and meet future requirements.

Taking the latest trends in RFID tracking solutions and BLE software, alongside trusted hardware solutions, businesses achieve a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor tracking system that helps them save time, money and workforce deployment. As part of this process, Tracking Vision takes its role, developing high performing tracking solutions seriously.




Giving businesses the power to identify and control movement of assets, creating additional security and maximum productivity.

Corporate solutions

Helping businesses deal with the intricacies of change management and effectively manage transition phases.

Passive/active RFID solutions & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bringing businesses robust capabilities to boost their bottom line through RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) software solutions.

With a focus on the retail, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality sectors, Tracking Vision provides the RFID- and BLE-based hardware and software technologies that businesses need for real-time data inflow. Once the technology is implemented and deployed, businesses will be able to efficiently access inventory, asset and warehouse management data, and real-time tracking and mapping of people.

Each business gains the benefits of real-time visibility and total control over employees and valuable assets, and can, as a result, expect to optimize how they work.

Tracking Vision has built on its considerable depth of knowledge and experience by developing the Easy Tracking Vision (ETV) system. From a single platform, ETV effectively manages:

  • Production capabilities;
  • Warehouse inventories;
  • Patient tracking and disease control;
  • Asset tracking;
  • Easier stock-taking capabilities;
  • Access control;
  • Indoor mapping and tracking of employees;
  • Efficient Data collection;
  • Reminder alerts;
  • Asset maintenance and upkeep;
  • Traceability.

Tracking Vision Partners

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