Modern warehouses are more than just a place to store assets and products once a business has taken ownership of them. Warehouses are now one of the best places to increase productivity and optimize workplace efficiency.

Why chose SWS

In a warehouse environment, tracking assets using the latest Smart Warehouse System (SWS) helps businesses monitor the movements of products from their entry into the warehouse through to their exit. Bringing SWS onboard ensures that businesses gain the high visibility data they need to maintain their supply chain and make informed business decisions more quickly.

It also ensures that warehouse managers use devices, sensors and RFID tags to pinpoint each asset’s exact location, as well as keep an eye on stock levels. Because the data collection process in SWS solutions is fully automated, management teams no longer have to worry about potential human error in data.

Such are the benefits of using SWS solutions, it is projected that retailers, for instance, will spend approximately $2.5bn on IoT hardware and installation costs by 2020.

Why RFID tags work

In the warehouse context, installing an RFID system works far more effectively than barcodes, due to the simplified inventory taking process. Portable handheld RFID readers able to pick up the signals sent out by RFID tags from up to anywhere up to 300 feet away, even if the tag is not visible or in direct line of sight to the reader.

As up to 40 tags can be read at the same time, and at a faster rate to barcodes, users can quickly gather stock levels and their locations by directing the readers towards the tags. With this automated data gathering system on board, warehouse managers can rely on error-free data. The SWS technology also ensures that data can be encrypted or password protected, offering businesses a higher level of security.

SWS Benefits

By choosing Tracking Vision’s SWS solution for their needs, a business benefits in numerous ways, including:

  • Optimized visibility : With all supply chain process data coming in to a centralized platform, businesses gain maximum visibility on all their products and assets, wherever they are in the warehouse. And rather than have to refer to many different programs to find the information they need, businesses have the benefit of an integrated platform that helps them access what they need, in real-time, and all at the fingertips.


  • Processes are optimized : Because SWS technology is designed to make the various processes undertaken in warehouses more efficient, the correct integration of technologies helps businesses create optimized processes. This is carried out according to each businesses’ needs, and the types of materials they are managing. Tracking Vision’s SWS solution also allows for businesses to use any one of a variety of input methods, whether bar code, RFID tag, or smart scales and equipment automation.


  • Better planning : Because the RFID tags of Tracking Vision’s SWS immediately update the centralized data cloud with any asset movement out of the warehouse, managers can see when they need to create another order. As a history builds up of when orders are made and general patterns of demand, the SWS “best fit” algorithm generates the best order rate to supply the supply chain.


  • Better inventory management : With better demand response and order management, inventories can be better managed so there is minimal waste. As businesses also more accurate records, they have just the right amount of stock and lot sizes that they need to meet demand, whilst improving savings.


  • Improved allocation of workforce : Having the right warehouse management system in place means that businesses can effectively manage how assets are picked up, packed up and put away. It gives them the data they need to effectively use the resources available to them, and without using any extra effort. Each decision is made easier, so that all handling requirements within the warehouse are quickly taken care of.


  • Between relationships : With Tracking Vision’s SWS technology on board, businesses can be assured that their warehouse will run efficiently. This means reduced delivery times and improved accuracy of orders, as well as more efficient delivery processes and times, which keep customers happy.


  • Better security : Tracking Vision’s SWS solution allows managers to see who’s accessing the warehouse and when, and for all transactions to occur under an employee’s individual account. With a paper trail left behind, businesses can see who has accessed what assets or products and in which time period, in turn, protecting themselves against potential theft.

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