Jewelry Management System

Highly secure real-time indoor tracking for jewelry and valuables.

Tracking Vision's intelligent jewelry management system helps jewelry companies overcome the daily challenge of keeping tabs on their valuable inventory. This is especially important as their stock is set out every day in cabinets and placed back in the safe at night. But thanks to Tracking Vision’s RFID-based intelligent jewelry management system, unique possibilities in multi-scanning and instant updates on stock have made this easier.

Businesses no longer have to manually complete their stock taking processes, and human errors in data entry are no longer a fact of daily business.

By integrating the intelligent jewelry management system as part of day-to-day workings, businesses also ensure:

  • Real-time tracking of all valuable items – Valuables are continuously monitored via an antenna until it is placed back in the display case – an alarm will be set off with abnormal behavior;
  • Greater security, therefore no loss, misplacement or theft of items – A hand held device reads the individual RFID tags on each piece of jewelry, with no need to remove any items;
  • Fewer losses due to inefficient inventorizing – At the end of the day, the remaining number of items are compared and matched with the actual sales during the day;
  • Increasing staff productivity due to time saving efforts in other areas – Staff no longer waste time in time-consuming, manual inventorizing, and can shift their attention to improving sales.

Each piece of jewelry is provided with a passive RFID tag featuring a digital fingerprint containing unique data specific to that item. This includes details such as quality, date of manufacture, a unique identification number, weight etc. Each shelf is installed with readers, which are installed at the entry and exit to the shop and in front of the safe.

Each sales person receives a unique RFID badge containing their own unique data, which is used to track and monitor their movements within the shop on a centralized server. This system allows them full, authorized access to high-value items without setting of alarms.

The numerous benefits of using an RFID jewelry management system includes:

  • Efficient, easy and accurate inventory taking and stock management;
  • Easy monitoring of all RFID tagged items;
  • Real-time updates of in-store inventory once items are sold or inventories are taken;
  • Time saving qualities;
  • No errors due to human involvement.
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