Warehouse Operations Management

Bringing businesses the technology they need for effective inventory control and simplified workflow processes.

What is Smart Warehouse Solution?

The Smart Warehouse Solution (SWS) is an advanced platform designed to simplify warehouse processes and increase supply chain processes efficiency.
Connecting the SWS to your ERP is something that we are proud of. As SWS APIs are designed not to conflict with your current ERP policies, it is there to automate it, mobilize it and enhance it.

SWS helps businesses utilize mobility & automation
To serve the supply chain

How is SWS Different?

SWS uses the power of and RFID (Radio Barcoding Frequency Identification) to create a birth certificate for all your warehouse inventory components, which could simply spare-parts, finished be goods, temperature controlled materials or anything you stock. SWS is a hybrid RFID/Barcoding System that is integrated directly with your ERP system, such as SAP & Oracle, to mobilize and automate your supply chain processes and decrease human prone errors to the maximum. It gives management physical visibility full over at the warehouse, actual stock which and levels will ultimately save you thousands if not million on dollars.

Why SWS is better  solution than other ?

Better Decisions

SWS enables faster and accurate on-the-job decisions. As change management has always been a bottleneck for most operations, with SWS we identify it & eliminate it for good.

Automated Inventory

SWS will eliminate the need to execute physical inventory counts every 6 to 12 month, and is simply designed smarter to make your physical inventory counts possible 24/7.

Increase Productivity Smartly

By automating your ERP warehouse functions using mobility on-site

Benefits of RFID in Warehouse Management:

The SWS hybrid barcoding/RFID based warehouse management system brings several benefits that can eliminate current drawbacks with the help of advanced scanning that improves visibility supply-chain and agility for greater operational efficiency.

Capabilities include:

  • Improved efficiency by using RF tags that facilitate automatic rather than manual data entry of stock, first on paper and then into computer terminals. This eliminates the time required for data entry, sending paper orders to the warehouse and filling and maintaining the paperwork.
  • The wireless warehouse can provide timely information and integration of warehouse data into the ERP system, integration of warehouse information and ERP system.
  • Ensures timely and accurate information for invoicing, purchase order payments and inventory tracking.
  • Reduces inventory errors, ensuring that the inventory reported is indeed available. By tracking pieces more exactly, companies can more accurately detail what has sold in the last business day, and improve the accuracy of their forecasts about what inventory is needed.
  • Strengthen security against product theft, loss and counterfeiting

Did you know that optimizing your Warehouse operations will save you up to 45% of your operational costs and increase your operations turnover by at least 65%? ALLOW SWS TO SAVE YOU MONEY TODAY

How Can SWS Works for you?

Automation has always been the driver for continues success.

  • Receiving

When workers at the receiving dock are enabled with real-time access to your purchase order database, along with the ability to read RFID labels, incoming shipments can be automatically identified and reconciled.

With SWS, proper processing orders are delivered right to the worker — from where to stage accurate shipments for put-away or cross-docking to how to handle any errors in the shipment. Velocity in the receiving function is increased as the same workforce can process more shipments.

Dock-to-stock cycle times are reduced. The increased inventory visibility allows you to intelligently direct put-away or conveyance for items that are low in stock first, reducing the opportunity for costly out-of-stocks to impact the order fulfillment process. And the instant visibility into the order system enables cross docking to effectively reduce handling time and costs for incoming shipments.

  • Put-away

With real-time access systems in the put-away to inventory function, you can automatically deliver the right storage area as well as most efficient route to that location right to a worker’s mobile handheld or hands-free computer. A quick scan of the RFID/barcode on the shelf tag not only ensures the item is put in the correct place, but also provides a record of the location of that exact shipment. Items reach the shelves in the shortest You know the exact location of all inventory at a highly-detailed level.

  • Cross docking

When real-time information is available in the cross-dock function, shipments are handled once instead of multiple times. Instant access to the order database provides the on- the-spot visibility needed to cross dock the incoming material for immediate shipping tofulfill customer orders eliminating the need for the products to be staged for put away, placed on the warehouse shelves, picked, packed and re-staged for shipment. Access to real time information ensures that the right shipment is delivered to the right dock and loaded onto the right truck.

  • Picking

With mobility, farther upstream in the warehouse supply chain in the put- away function, you already know what products are on your warehouse shelves and where specifically they are located. When you add real-time access to your order and inventory business systems, you can automatically deliver electronic picking orders to a mobile device that includes a pick list along with the fastest route to the items. A quick scan of a shelf tag RFID tag provides instant verification that the right item has been picked.

  • Cycle counts

When cycle counters are armed with real- time access to the inventory database collection and advanced mobile data capabilities, efficiency and accuracy in this function are dramatically improved. For example, in a warehouse utilizing technology, workers with a mobile RFID RFID mounted on a cart can take a full and error- free cycle count in the time it takes to push a cart through the aisles. Counts that may have taken three or four weeks in the past can now be completed in less than half a day. The new level of cost-efficiency in cycle counting activities enables enterprises to take cycle counts routinely.
And the resulting new level of visibility into inventory data delivers several benefits:
•Better trend analysis for improved buying practices.
•Reduced inventory stocking levels.
•Reduced capital expenditures for holding inventory.

  • More features

Errors are significantly reduced through the automated capture of data and instant double check for picking accuracy

Out-of-stocks are eliminated through the ability to instantly deduct items from your inventory as they are picked.

The ability to deliver granular picking information enables LIFO/FIFO picking for better inventory management.

The ability to instantly store serialized product information with customer orders enables enterprises to expeditiously locate any product or parts that have been recalled, reducing liability as well as the high costs associated with tracking products that have already left your facility and have been delivered to your distribution channel or end customer.

In addition, when mobile access to product databases is added, companies can leverage detailed information about the specific F items in your warehouse. example, information on consumer appliances can be leveraged to control clamp trucks, prevent operators from inadvertently applying too much pressure during put-away and picking. This valuable mobility application helps reduce the high cost associated with the delivery of damaged equipment — from the cost of the return and re-shipment to the cost of an unsatisfied customer.

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