Warehouse and Inventory Management

Tracking Vision brings businesses the warehouse and inventory management solution they need to achieve an agile, easy-to-use web-based inventory control system. With this technology on board, businesses gain a highly integrated system that simplifies workflow processes in the warehouse, and improves inventory management.

Implementing the latest warehouse and inventory management solutions technologies, businesses can track all assets and other items on the inventory quickly and efficiently. The added major benefit of Tracking Vision’s warehouse and inventory management solution is just how easily it can be incorporated into a business’ current ERP system. This means that no further changes or overhauls are needed to get this solution working.

Incorporating RFID warehouse and inventory tracking systems into their workflows, businesses will increase their ability to:

Plan : including organize around delivers, select orders to be processed, and calculate the estimated labor and vehicles required;
Organize : prioritize orders to minimize time taken, and improve workflow;
Assign staff : assign the necessary staff to ensure they speedy completion of work;
Reduce time on paperwork : ensuring all documentation and procedures embedded as part of the process are completed;
Manage : ensuring all milestones in the process are completed, and to keep track of time spent in completing each task.

To keep tabs on internal processes, whether it’s stock levels, how the inventory is consumed, and shelf life, businesses can create unique digital fingerprints. This takes place in the form of RFID barcodes, which are attached to each item and asset. Due to their easy implementation and maintenance, these unique fingerprints ensure that businesses that rely heavily on smoothly functioning warehouses can effectively manage supply chains and productivity.

This simple warehouse and inventory tracking system’s other benefits include:

Automatic data entry;
Increased accuracy and improved time-keeping;
Easy access to up-to-date information for invoicing and purchases;
Quick and streamlined inventory taking;
Reduced overall business costs;
Easy asset location;
Labor projections;
Increased security;
Increased productivity due to time-saving in other areas;
Lean manufacturing processes.

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