RFID Yard Management

Tracking Vision’s RFID Yard Management System (YMS) helps businesses overcome the challenges of tracking assets at distribution centers, terminals, seaports and other storage spaces. Acting as an automated asset management system, the RFID Yard Management System brings to businesses the latest in trustworthy radio frequency (RF) tracking solutions.

Developing hardy, long-life RFID tags that can withstand changeable outdoor weather conditions, Tracking Vision helps businesses find the long-term solutions they need to effectively manage their yards. Building custom tags suitable, Tracking Vision helps businesses develop and deploy a complete RFID Yard Management System that saves on time, improves productivity and raises the bottom line.

Businesses will now find tracking assets and their movement over large areas easier through this complete, automated asset management system. As yards are frequently spread out across large areas, with materials and containers regularly moving in and out, it is imperative that businesses reduce the potential for human error. This can often occur when there are large amounts of materials that require tracking according to pick-up location, time or date.

Tracking Vision’s integrated RFID-based yard and warehouse management system ensures that a large number of tasks are automated, and reduces the amount of time taken in locating and moving large assets.

The benefits of Tracking Vision’s RFID Yard Management System include:

Real-time visibility for asset location, entry, exit and movement inside the yard;
Increase labor productivity, with personnel able to access instant, accurate information and data;
Elimination of lost or misplaced loads and containers;
Focus on staff core capabilities;
Efficient arrival of materials reducing wasted time;
Optimized productivity and capital utilization;
More accurate scheduling and less down-time;
Less need for inventory counts and audits;
Less impact on the bottom line due to optimized workflow.

Each yard management system typically incorporates passive RFID tags, with critical information, including identification, list of contents, asset origin, and shipping history, into assets. RFID readers, located at various points in the process, access the information according to the needs of the facility, and highlights entry, exit, internal transit and ultimate resting place. The software application processes the incoming data, which is used within the business workflow.

With yard management and asset tracking made so easy, personnel receive up-to-date information on asset movement mapping and location right at their fingertips. This information can be efficiently incorporated into the business’ daily activities, and aid long-term planning.

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