Personnel Tracking

When businesses want to keep tabs on employee movement across all sites, at all times.

Tracking Vision provides businesses with the latest RFID personnel tracking systems, so that businesses can keep tabs on personnel across all sites, at all times. It is a system that helps each business increase their efficiency and levels of safety, and is especially beneficial if there are employees working across multiple sites.

Based on an RFID tag and track solution, personnel using RFID personnel tracking systems are fitted with an assigned RFID tag. Each tag is given a unique digital fingerprint that matches with that employee, and which can be used to easily identify them. The personnel tracking system, in turn, provides easy locating solutions for employees, contractors, couriers and visitors, with data coming in, in real time..

Each personnel tracking solution keeps in mind maximum flexibility and scalability, and is custom built towards the needs of each business’ demands. This ensures that each business can grow and change according to their individual needs.

There are several different versions of RFID personnel tracking systems available according to specific needs, including:

  • Simple Personnel Tracking : Using off-the-shelf software, businesses can easily run this solution via a local server or desktop. It is run through either a network connection or as a Windows-based application.
  • Customized Personnel Tracking : As a customized version, this solution is designed to fulfill a business’ every personnel tracking need. It is run via a local server, a networked connection or as a Windows-based application.
  • Cloud-based Personnel Tracking : Hosted either via a business’ private cloud server, or through Tracking Vision’s cloud server.
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