Library Management System (LMS)

Tracking Vision’s Library Management System (LMS) is an integrated, one-stop library software solution that helps libraries keep track and monitor their catalog. It has been tailored to the individual needs of each customer, and helps to empower users and their access to knowledge. Serving as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Tracking Vision’s Library Management System manages a library’s catalog system and updates data in real time..

The Library Management System organizes and eases the day-to-day running of a library, allowing greater functionality in terms of acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, and user experience.

Using High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technologies, either as individual solutions or combined as one, libraries can use Tracking Vision’s Library Management System to ease workflows and increase productivity. It also ensures that library users can take more of the functions into their own hands, returning books on their own rather than having to return through a library employee.

The benefits of using the Library Management System include:

Effective records of all books and assets in the library;
Improved functionality and minimal loss of books;
Improved tracking of workflows and functionality;
Easy tracking on books and other assets, tracking issuance, return, and new assets in the library;
Easy creation and updating of customer databases;
Efficient updating of paperwork;
Easy recording and tracking of transactions.

By bringing on board the latest in LMS technologies, businesses can reduce labor costs, and empower users with greater self-serving services.

Depending on the infrastructure currently in place, Tracking Vision’s LMS solution allows libraries to:

Create automated inventory management;
Set up capabilities for customers to self-check-in and check-out books;
Control access to premises; and more.

As part of continuous efforts to provide user-friendly solutions, Tracking Vision integrates leading technologies into one unified application that can be linked into current LMS solutions.

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