The hospitality industry has taken significant strides in incorporating RFID tracking solutions into the way it works, particularly with hospitality asset management systems. The most recent developments in this area boast some exciting new applications in the hospitality industry – and it’s not just RFID door locks and access control.

Key cards have become the norm for hotel customers, allowing them controlled room access at the swipe of the card. Taking basic RFID tags incorporated into the cards and fixed location RFID readers on each door, hotel customers can now securely access their rooms without the need for bulky keys.

Key cards also provide real-time information on:

Available and occupied rooms;
The dates of occupation for rooms with guests;
Up-to-date information at the fingertips that makes reservations easier.

Taking hospitality asset management systems, RFID tags have been incorporated into hotel inventories. This system tags assets with a unique code that provides hotel employees with instant records on: their location; how they have been used; and information management on potentially a vast number of assets. Not only does this improve information on how assets are utilized, it helps employees locate items quickly and prevents loss.

Most hotels require large amounts of items including blankets, napkins, towels, bed sheets, cushion covers and other linens, which are difficult to track. This is where Tracking Vision’s hospitality asset management systems comes in useful. Using washable RFID tags incorporated into these assets, hotels are now aware of when guests attempt to take items off the premises, and locate assets as they move across sites. RFID tracking also empowers hotels to simply track laundry, in real-time, as it is processed and to locate items as they move around the premises.

In line with the power of social media to connect people around the world, RFID has been linked up to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This has allowed event attendees to share information and updates via social media sites.

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