Data Centers

The streamlined passive RFID approach to efficient asset tracking and cloud-based storage

Tracking Vision’s data center operations system ensures a high-end IT asset management system that is built around the needs of data centers. It is a streamlined passive RFID tag-based approach to efficient asset tracking and cloud-based storage. The highly accurate data center operations system, which provides data in real-time on a centralized platform, ensures data centers:

  • Improve the security of IT assets;
  • Improve compliance with industry regulations;
  • Enhance internal auditing processes;
  • Lessen the costs associated with IT asset management.

Filling a gap in the market, Tracking Vision developed the data center operations system that focuses on asset management. It builds upon an understanding of the difficulties businesses face monitoring their IT assets. With this in mind, there is a need to enhance tracking methods, build cloud software solutions, increase the amount and size of data centers available, and the equipment they contain, their as assets move through their lifecycles.

As a user friendly, automated data center management system, Tracking Vision has developed this go-to replacement for the time-consuming barcode and hand scanner system of old.

The new RFID tag and scan solution helps as a data center operations system as it:

  • Expand capabilities and capacity;
  • Consolidate and upgrade equipment to newer, more efficient hardware;
  • Relocate assets to revamp the workflow or develop new apps.

Once the system has been deployed, businesses can expect a more efficient and accurate asset management system, reducing inventory takings from weeks down to a matter of hours, and significantly reducing errors.

As part of the RFID deployment, Tracking Vision mounts passive Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID tags onto the outer rim of each device. Each tag provides the asset with a unique digital fingerprint that, once scanned by the small high frequency (HF) antennae located around facilities, loads up the device’s information on a database. Users can find all the information related to the relevant device’s make, model, purchase and service dates, maintenance updates, expected end-of-life date and the like.

The RFID portal also ensures that the exit date, for when an item is removed from the warehouse is updated on the system. The data center management system’s benefits include:

  • Lower costs, as passive RFID tags are less expensive;
  • Location and other information on assets coming in in real time;
  • No need for tag maintenance;
  • Readers use DCIM System Power rather than their own power source.

Tracking Vision provides businesses with a range of tag options suitable for RFID tag asset management. Each tag has been designed to work effectively around a range of materials, including high levels of metals which might otherwise affect UHF RFID tags.

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