Car Dealership Systems

Tracking Vision’s unique RFID vehicle management system bring to the table the automated way to receive accurate tracking data on vehicles. Integrating long range RFID readers and tags combined with a vehicle dealership system allows businesses an improved inventory of their fleet.

Under the RFID vehicle management system, RFID readers are mounted in various parts of the dealership, providing instant scanning of all cars, key fobs and employees with RFID tags. This ensures easy tracking for management.

Key features of the RFID vehicle management system include:

Tracking tags : All tags registered in the dealership are constantly tracked by a centralized system. All assets (including vehicles and key fobs) as well as employees are associated with a unique tag which are read by RFID readers associated with the area they are mounted in. The information provided by the reader once it has scanned the tag is automatically placed in the system.
Straightforward inventory taking : The inventory, which clearly shows all present or missing tags, can be checked at the simple click of a button on the user interface. Inventory reports can be saved as an XML document for later viewing or printing.
Active long range readers and tags : Using active RFID readers, users can adjust the dealership management system’s range from under 1 meter to up to 100 meters. This allows for vehicles to be tracked throughout the car dealership with effective placement of RFID readers.
Test Drive Alerts : The RFID tag and reader system allows for alerts to be automatically sent and displayed in the centralized system once cars are taken out for a test drive. Information regarding the car model, key fob used, employee undertaking the test drive, and the test drive’s start and finish time, is all saved in the system
Theft/Loss prevention : With each asset tagged with its own unique fingerprint, the centralized system is automatically alerted once a tagged item is taken out of the dealership.
Reports : The inventory, alert activity, and test drive histories can all be checked with the aid of reports published by the software interface. To zone in on certain information, time frames can be specified.

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