Asset Management

The cost-effective solution to plan, monitor, manage and control fixed assets.

Tracking Vision’s integrated asset tracking system is designed to provide businesses with a cost effective solution to how they manage their assets. This means, with the latest asset management solution, businesses find it easier to plan, monitor, manage and control their fixed assets. For a vastly improved performance, businesses only have to look to Tracking Vision’s RFID asset management system to efficiently maintain comprehensive records of information, specification data, maintenance data and performance details on all assets. And it doesn't end just there - with all information gathering digital, businesses are assured error-free data.

Simply by incorporating RFID-based tags into the asset management process, businesses ensure they gain easy access to the very best in tracking technology. It doesn't mean just easy track and locate features. Asset Management Solutions also ensure that businesses can maintain tabs on all their assets - and keep all the information at the tip of the fingers. Whether they are all contained in one site, or across multiple sites, Tracking Vision's asset tracking solutions provide all the answers to their needs.

Facilities managers and floor personnel are able to integrate barcode and RFID asset tracking hardware to easily keep tabs on thousands of assets in multiple locations. With information and data coming in in real time, Tracking Vision’s asset management solution empowers businesses in locating fixed and dispersed assets.

The benefits of asset management include:

  • Efficient asset location;
  • Accurate information on asset levels and their location;
  • Efficient inventory taking, reducing time and costs;
  • Quick data entry;
  • Easy maintenance and upkeep using the latest details;
  • Reduced potential for human error.

Assets can be tracked using any of the following information:

  • Serial Number
  • Batch
  • Job
  • Movement
  • Location
  • Any user specified field.

By using the latest asset tracking technologies provided by Tracking Vision, businesses ensure they receive real-time data that fully optimizes their inventory, reduces asset loss and keeps control of costs.

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