Aerospace Industry

Automated aerospace industry asset tracking forms an important part of how the modern aerospace industry works, strengthening how the assembly line works. With so many parts to put together, it’s important that aerospace industry players have all the support they need to keep track of projects. This is where Tracking Vision’s integrated aerospace industry asset tracking solution comes in.

Tracking Vision provides aerospace industry businesses with the tracking solutions they need to gain accurate workflow data. This comes from combining tag footprints, data storage solutions, and the tag’s read range.

Tracking Vision’s aerospace industry asset tracking solutions provide the location capabilities to find important assets, and the visibility needed to keep up with repairs and production. Providing unique insights into workflows, aerospace firms can unlock their potential and enhance their efficiency.

It isn’t just about getting the right data when it’s needed. Tracking Vision’s aerospace industry asset tracking ensures that full accountability occurs during the aircraft components production process, whilst also guaranteeing that:

Components receive the required inspections and maintenance;
Tracking of specialized equipment used in the maintenance process and upkeep of planes.

Tracking Vision’s RFID-based automated asset tracking solution can also form part of the component production process. It ensures that each product is produced to the highest standards and fitted with RFID tags that can withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as contact with heavy-duty fuels and other fluids, as well as intense movements and harsh weather.

A further requirement is a long read range and long-term memory and data retention cycle to ensure the maximum amount of data. Each tag undergoes intense testing and quality assessment to ensure that businesses receive only the best quality products. As a result, Tracking Vision’s heavy duty tags made from durable materials are able to withstand long-term exposure to extreme temperatures.

RFID asset tracking in the production process acts as a form of quality control, to ensure each component’s performance, and to guarantee the necessary process steps have been taken and conform to quality standards.

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