Visitor Management System

Tracking Vision’s visitor management system (VMS) acts as an access control system, giving businesses the latest in security features. It provides businesses with a facial recognition-based access control system that prepares detailed daily reporting on visitors and premises access. With this access control solution in place, businesses can create a door entry system that provides intelligent security to the premises and prevents unauthorized entry.

Using Tracking Vision’s visitor management and access control system, businesses can create a smart entry system that:

Recognizes repeat visitors;
Creates alerts when an unauthorized visitor tries to enter the premises;
Manages appointments;
Options to schedule or reschedule appointments;
Recording facial features for first time visitors and facial ID data retrieval for return visitors;
Options to deny unauthorized visitors entry to the premises.

As a result, all visitors and employees on the premises will enjoy greater security and a swifter service. Aside from providing an automatic retrieval system for data on appointments and previous visits, other key features of this system include:

A Visitor Register Facility, offering an easier and more convenient way for visitors and hosts to enter in visitor details, purpose of visit and the like;
Details of present visit entered into the system;
Options to see an appointment status before accepting registration and visitor entry
Creates a database using information scanned off of business cards;
Allows for integrated access control using RFID/Smart card or barcodes.

The Visitor Management System, which is based on RFID smart cards, provides businesses with the opportunity to provide visitor passes, record details and track visitor log data.

The benefits of Tracking Vision’s smart access control solutions don’t just end there – businesses can receive reports on the back of data collected by the system, including:

Profiles on all visitors to the site;
Statistics for all site visitors;
Frequency reports, outlining the number of visits made;
Department specific reports, outlining which visitors went to which department;
Daily reports, highlighting daily visitor numbers.

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