RFID Enabled Parking Barrier

RFID car parking system that optimizes and secures large-scale parking.

Tracking Vision’s secure RFID enabled parking system is a versatile car parking system that is based on RFID tag and track technology. It creates an optimized and secure solution for safe large-scale parking, that works well for businesses who want to ensure the security of their fleet and/or their employees' vehicles.

As the only way to protect valuable assets such as cars and other types of vehicles that are parked for long amounts of time, Tracking Vision's secure RFID enabled parking system acts as a barrier gate. It can be used to protect apartment complexes, gated communities, and university and business parking areas, amongst other areas. As a type of RFID-based access control, it gives businesses the most cost-effective options in secure parking. Added to that, it acts as a form of access control, ensuring that unauthorized vehicles cannot enter the property.

With quick response times, the gates in Tracking Vision's secure RFID enabled parking system can open in up to four seconds depending on the length of the barrier arm. Access is controlled across lanes of between 10 and 20 feet, and can withstand heavy use and harsh environmental conditions.

Photo electric sensors ensure not only automatic opening, but also automatic closing after the vehicle has passed through.

Other features and benefits of Tracking Vision’s automated car park system include:

  • Barrier is secured into a base to ensure it remains in place;
  • Sheet steel housing of up to 6mm in thickness;
  • Control panel ensures additional commands and accessories can be added;
  • The arm shaft is easily reversed to the other side of the housing, via two life-lubricated ball bearings;
  • Manual unlocking option, unless the automatic mode is put in place;
  • Barrier automatically unlocks when power outage takes place;
  • Adjustable speed and braking ramps ensure no vibrations during movement alongside protection of the barrier;
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