Tracking Vision’s retail management solutions are designed to help retail industry businesses stay ahead of the competition in today’s multi-channel selling environment. With this in mind, retail management solutions ensure that businesses achieve improved supply chain management and a higher bottom line with this integrated retail management system.

Using only the most trusted RFID tracking in retail management solutions, each business can track Point of Sales (POS) data, manage orders and in-warehouse data, as well as financial data, in a single centralized program. With RFID tags and scanners able to keep track of products in the warehouse and on the shop floor, retail businesses can also prevent loss and theft.

Using Tracking Vision’s Retail Management Solutions ensures that the technology begin and end with business needs – and keep businesses on top of their game. With precise information arriving in real-time, retailers will find it easier to react instantly to changes in their business environment, and improve how their organization and work processes flow.

Businesses have several RFID tag options to choose from, including:

RFID tags embedded in care labels;
EAS hard tags;
Hang tags;
Covered RFID labels.

The benefits of using an RFID system in the retail sector include:

Higher revenues – Better supply chain management and product availability with easily accessible up-to-date information at the fingertips;
Better customer service – Customers are more likely to find the items they need when they need them;
Reduced likelihood of items going out of stock, ensuring the right service provides the right products at the point the customer needs;
Orders are received more quickly, and time taken in inventory taking means less demands on labor and increased productivity;
Unique RFID tags on each product ensures greater traceability and reduced incidences of loss or theft;
Authentication processes on items ensure that product counterfeiting is prevented and retail businesses can maintain their bottom line;
Enhanced warehouse management and product movement features ensuring each item is properly accounted for and the supply chain continues to run smoothly.

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