Rental Asset Tracking

When businesses rely on renting out high-value assets to customers, Tracking Vision’s RFID Rental Asset Tracking Solution is the key to their success. Using this customized tracking solution ensures that each business receives accurate RFID asset-tracking data, an essential part of the way they work.

Replacing the former system of manual-/barcode-based asset tracking systems, businesses can now turn to a highly efficient, automated RFID-based solution. Using Tracking Vision’s RFID Rental Asset Tracking Solution, businesses improve their internal processes and enforce a more accurate, cost-effective asset management system.

The RFID Rental Asset Tracking Solution response to asset tracking solutions ensures that each asset is given a unique fingerprint. As the asset travels in or out of the storage area, the RFID tag is read either by a portal with a fixed antenna, or by a handheld scanner.

Each serial number is gathered, with the new system allowing for multiple asset serial numbers to be gathered in a matter of seconds. No asset handling to get the serial numbers is required.

For added security, the serial number is stored in the system, where the asset’s location is tracked in real time, ensuring the checked out items have been returned.

Using Tracking Vision’s RFID-based rental asset management system, businesses now find it easier to:

Reduce labor by removing any requirements for asset handling and manual collection of data at check-in and check-out;
Optimize cycle time fulfillment;
Improve the accuracy of orders made by customers, and asset-customer associations;
Accumulating more accurate data on asset location.

As part of Tracking Vision’s in-depth experience and expertise in asset tracking systems, businesses have access to customer-focused tags and asset tracking solutions that will boost their bottom line. As part of the RFID Rental Asset Tracking Solution, each tag has been developed to last the lifetime of the asset, and can withstand heavy use and harsh conditions.

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