Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS)

A Real-Time Locating System or RTLS indoor asset tracking solution provides businesses with the active mapping options they need to keep tabs on assets and employees. As a local positioning system, RTLS indoor asset tracking should not be confused with GPS tracking, mobile phone tracking, or systems that work on the back of passive RFID tracking only.

Wireless RTLS tags, which emit signals to fixed reference points, are secured to objects or worn by employees. The static or wearable tags can be scanned against RFID readers to determine location or work progress. As a result, they are constrained by geography to indoor areas and confined spaces

The RTLS hardware used in RTLS indoor asset tracking usually takes the form of radio frequency (RF) communications that link up to fixed RFID readers. Some systems use either optical (predominantly infrared) or acoustic (predominantly ultrasound) technology. This is normally used in place of RF capabilities, or in addition to them.

RTLS indoor asset tracking has proven benefits and uses in numerous contexts, including:

Assembly line production;
Asset location in warehouses;
Locating available medical equipment in hospitals;
Combining the identify of several items in one location

Working as an indoor locating system, RTLS indoor asset tracking solutions provide businesses with automatic real-time tracking and locating of objects or people within a contained area. This occurs using wireless signals. As a result, businesses can optimize their workflow and track business and management objectives based on the information received. This information is received in real-time, giving businesses greater powers to make speedy, informed decisions.

With information coming in quickly to a centralized easy-to-use app platform, businesses can prevent unauthorized access or loss of assets.

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