Tracking Vision’s RFID-based manufacturing tracking solutions ensure that businesses have greater scope to keep track of high-value assets. This is particularly so when the manufacturing process is such an important part of the way they work.

As in all industrial environments that see assets and materials constantly moving around, manufacturers need the proper security steps in place for effective RFID asset tracking. With this in place as part of the company’s manufacturing tracking solutions, it ensures businesses prevent loss of assets. This in turn ensures noticeable improvements in their efficiency and productivity.

RFID tag and tracking solutions that are used as part of the manufacturing tracking solutions process has numerous benefits, including:

Improved workforce productivity due to accurate directions for pick-up or movement;
Reduction in lost assets to virtually negligible levels;
Eliminate time spent waiting at workstations, ensuring fewer to no delays for arrival of items;
More precise scheduling and elimination of staff downtime;
Reduce inventory taking and time spent taking audits;
Identify potential problems before they affect the bottom line.

Tracking Vision’s RFID inventory tracking process ensures easy access to accurate data coming in, in real-time. This gives personnel and management up-to-date RFID-based asset management information on asset location and lifecycle – and reduces the potential for loss.

Once the RFID tags have been manufactured and attached to items, a series of RFID readers are installed at salient points according to business demands. Once the readers have been deployed, personnel can access incoming data on the locations and movements of assets throughout the sites.

With the RFID asset tracking technology in place, businesses can start to automate manual tasks, and reduce:

Time spent in locating materials;
Waste and potential loss of assets;
Increase money-saving opportunities.

As with Tracking Vision’s RFID tags used in other tracking contexts, tags used in the manufacturing process have a proven long shelf-life in any environment. Each tracking solution is custom-built according to the needs of each business.

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