Tracking Vision has created an RFID-based healthcare tracking and disease control system that integrates real time locating systems (RTLS) into the healthcare process. It offers healthcare facilities a constant stream of patient-related updates and alerts. Using RFID tracking tags, healthcare tracking and disease control systems ease communication between patients and healthcare professionals, and provide vital, accurate tracking of medical devices.

In a high pressure environment, RFID tags, wearable badges and location-triggered messaging software ensure hospitals and long-term care facilities engage in the best quality patient tracking services.

Patients and staff are provided with wearable “communicators”, either in the form of wristbands (for patients) or badges (for staff), which link up with each other for in-depth updates and alerts. This in turn means patients no longer need intrusive assistance, and healthcare professionals are more able to spend time with patients who require assistance.

Patient badges, which are worn around the wrist, allow:

Improved patient tracking;
Easy data viewing via monitors;
Alerts based on patient activity levels;
Map and track solutions;
Movement history;
Access control and admittance to restricted areas.

As part of the healthcare tracking and disease control system installed, the badges can also aid with queuing patients between treatments and reduce waiting times. Patients can easily call for help by simply pressing on a button.

With this new tracking in place, healthcare professionals can:

Monitor activity levels;
Create reminders;
View patient alarms in real-time on maps for easy location.

Because RFID tags form part of the device, rather than acting as an add-on, they are guaranteed to work effectively for the product’s complete lifespan.

Integrating RTLS healthcare tracking and disease control systems into the healthcare process has the added benefits of:

Improving traceability through durable, passive RFID tags are embedded directly into products;
Improving supply chain management through integrated RFID technology and serial numbers;
Real-time location through onboard RFID and readers – which also reduces loss or misplacement;
Life-cycle management, reducing infections and tracking devices at the end of their lives;
Improving patient flow by tracking their movements throughout the healthcare facility;
Streamlining routine workflows;
Sending reminders and alerts, particularly when it comes to regular medications;
Notifying healthcare professionals when patients self-discharge;
Rechargeable tags that can be programmed for nurse call;
Protecting the independence and safety of healthcare providers.
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Medical equipment

No healthcare provider wants to lose track of their assets, especially when it may mean losing money, high value equipment or lives. That’s why the healthcare sector uses Tracking Vision’s RFID-based healthcare tracking and disease control system. It provides them with the best in patient safety and regulation compliance.

With a full range of medical equipment tracking solutions on board, hospitals and healthcare facilities will be able to:

Easily locate and account for all devices and equipment, cutting down on time wasted searching for available machinery;
Reduce unnecessary expenditure on additional, unneeded equipment;
Access up-to-date information on each device’s usage;
Receive alerts for maintenance and upkeep needs;
Receive lifecycle information.

It essentially works as an asset management solution, creating the most cost-effective way of receiving up-to-date information and data on their medical devices and devices. Integrating Tracking Vision’s healthcare tracking and disease control system into the facility’s daily running ensures:

Devices are easily locatable;
Few devices are misplaced, reducing costs or the chance of eating up budgets;
Devices that have reached the end of their working lives are not put back into use and place lives at risk;
Infection control and sterilization processes, critical to the safe running of a hospital, remain efficient.

Brought together, Tracking Vision’s technologies, which are custom-built to the needs of the healthcare provider, increase efficiency, improve risk management and improve quality of care.

It uses the latest in RFID tags and readers that are strategically deployed through healthcare facilities. Each reader locates each device as the latter passes by, ensuring the asset can be easily found as and when it is needed.

An added feature of RFID tracking in the healthcare sector includes constant monitoring of high value assets as they go through the sterilization process. Using Tracking Vision’s low profile, heavy-duty tags, hospital facilities will benefit from:

Less asset loss;
Improved controls on lifecycle;
Reduced short- and long-term costs;
Reduce time in processing batches.

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