Event Management

Tracking Vision’s straightforward and easy to use event management software is the RFID-based answer each business needs when organizing and managing an event. With the capabilities to deal with large numbers of event attendees in one go, businesses no longer have the headache of keeping their data and information in order.

An event may have as many as hundreds, if not several thousand, attendees at any one time. Based on this need to be able to handle multiple visitors at the same time, Tracking Vision understands the importance of having an effective event management software. By using Tracking Vision’s latest solutions, businesses win up-to-date data and analytics.

With the event management software deployed, businesses gain a platform through which they can:

Set up and organize attendee registration, complete with efficient data interpretation;
Establish access control to all areas of the event, ensuring no unauthorized access;
Analyze the audience through highly specialized reporting tools;
Refine marketing campaigns that will occur in the future.

With these benefits in mind, businesses ensure they receive event tracking software that is designed, built and deployed around their needs, and elevate the results of their events.

Designed as a flexible IT solution, Tracking Vision’s event management software is flexible enough to be scaled up in the future, according to a business’ individual needs. It also delivers the analytics needed for every event which will go towards improving upcoming events.

To match demands and specific requirements, Tracking Vision’s events management software comes in three versions:

Basic Event Management Solutions : As off-the-shelf software, this can be run via a local server or PC, on the back of a network connection or Windows-based application.
Custom-Built Event Management Solutions : Designed more specifically around business needs, customized solutions run according to business demands, via a local server or PC.
Cloud-Based Event Management Solutions : Hosted either via a business’ private Cloud server, or hosted via Tracking Solution’s Cloud server.

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